Sometimes It Does Take Money To Make Money: Instances To Which This Cliche Applies


Growth matters whether you are a startup business or a business that has existed for decades. Growth prevents you from resting on your achievements and helps you explore ways to better serve your clients.

sometimes it does take money to make money. You need to burn some fuel in order to get from point A to point B. In order to drive growth, spending is almost always a necessity.

Here are some instances when spending is worth it as there’s a good chance that they will make business better.

Better Business Location

Whether you are spending for a new store as part of your business expansion or for a slightly extravagant office, go for it. If the numbers tell you it will be beneficial for your business, there should be no reason to slow down and follow the mantra that sometimes it does take money to make money.

A new store will give you more reach and expand your clientbase. If you have a good forecast, this can only translate to better profits.

Better office makes your employees feel good and your market reassured that your business is thriving. Productivity up. Sales up. What else will you ask for?

Upgrade Equipment And Technology

You can never go wrong with upgrading technology and equipment especially if you have evidence that can improve productivity or cut costs. It is always a win-win situation to invest on things that will help run your business smoothly.


As a startup, your brand needs to make some noise. Invest in online and offline marketing efforts.

Pump some money into online marketing and let online customers see more of you via search engines, social media, and ads. Remember online marketing somehow levels the playing field with the bigger brands. You do not have to spend too much to attract more attention especially if you have a good team that can create videos and content that can go viral. Good online marketing can also help your brand be recognized as one of the trusted authorities in your industry.

While online marketing is the thing today, don’t forget offline efforts. Hire sales people. Spend some money on a good team that can help your brand improve its reach.

Research And Development

You want to keep lean operations but this does not mean that you remain stagnant. You have to invest on good research and product development. Find out what your market needs and what your market thinks about your products or services. Listen to them and do the changes necessary so you can help solve people’s problems better. Remember, that you rely on your customers to stay afloat so you better listen to them or you’ll see success slipping off your hands one day.

Hire People That Are Better Than You

You probably started your business wearing all possible hats to keep things running smoothly. However, there’s a good chance you will burn out if you keep on doing this. You can only maintain this for quite a while and then bam, you’re dead tired. Your business will suffer if you burn out so you need to spend money on surrounding yourself with the best people that you can hire. Get professionals who can see problems and solutions that you cannot see yourself. Work hard but it’s best if you work wisely.

Are thinking of spending some money for growth? lists aspects of business you should invest on. Yes, we believe that sometimes it does take money to make money.


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