How Can A Worker Compensation Lawyer Help You


The first thing to remember before hiring legal representation for worker compensation benefits is that not all cases require legal and professional help. Workers’ compensation is a set system that allows workers to feel safe when they are worker knowing that in case something happens to them, they will receive some benefits. Small injuries are usually those that do not require help of a worker compensation lawyer, but in some cases where the insurance company denies benefits a worker can hire a lawyer to help with their case.

Here are the most common situations where legal representation is most beneficial.

Denied Claims
There are different reasons why an insurance company will deny a claim. They might claim that the injury isn’t work-related or the claim wasn’t filed accordingly and on time. An individual can file an appeal, but different states have different process and it will take time and a lot of paperwork. A lawyer who specializes in denied worker compensations can handle all this for you and take the stress away.

Permanent Disability Rating Disputes
Most workers’ compensation settlements are centered on the benefits of employees who sustained permanent disability through a work-related injury. The amount of benefits a work receives is based off the permanent disability rating. A dispute arises when the insurance company and the doctor in charge of treatment do not agree on the assessment of the rating. This leads to a worker going to another practitioner chosen by the insurance company and the rating given is usually much lower.

During this unfortunate circumstance hiring legal representation for worker compensation allows a fair rating. A lawyer is equipped with the legal knowledge and experience to give you a chance to get what you are due without worrying about fighting insurance companies in court by yourself.

Settlement Received Does Not Cover Enough
There are many instances where a settlement is awarded to the injured party and they are short-changed. This means that the injured employee does not get enough benefits to cover the cost of lost wages due to inability to attend work and the medical bills. To those who aren’t knowledgeable enough about their full benefits they can stand to lose a lot of money. During these cases a worker compensation lawyer can work with the beneficiary to ensure that they get enough money to cover all the expenses and lost wages.

Those With Pre-existing Conditions
It is doubly hard for a worker to claim full benefits when they have a pre-existing injury or condition located in the same area where they were injured again. This gives insurance companies and employer reason to doubt if the claim is legitimate and they will fight tooth and nail to give low and unfair settlements. This is a job that a workers’ compensation lawyer can handle confidently and give you a better chance of winning a bigger settlement to provide for your financial and medical needs.

With the help of a competent lawyer you will get the benefits you deserve. Do not allow insurance providers and companies they represent belittle your injuries. Let your lawyer handle all the complicated legal matters that lie ahead.

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